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In a must-read interview (for Palm fans, anyway) at CNN Money, Palm CEO Jon Rubinstein candidly laid out Palm's current situation, the missteps of the past year and a half, and why he's still bully on Palm's chances to survive and even thrive as an independent company.

Rubinstein speaks out about plenty of issues that we've hit here on PreCentral, from the 'variety of hardware issues' that plagued early Sprint adopters, to speed, to battery life, to the lower-than-expected sales at Verizon, to the challenges of launching after the Droid, to cash-on-hand, to inventory, to number of apps, to buyout rumors, to mom-focused commercials ...if an investment analyst has complained about it in the past year, it's pretty much here.

Rubinstein doesn't candy-coat any of it and straight up says that Palm's main goal right now is simply selling devices, getting 'to scale.' Unfortunately, Palm doesn't have the cash for a huge marketing blitz to juice the numbers (they're hoping to get 'viral,' which could be fun). Instead, Palm's $590 million is going to R&D and to those next devices we're all waiting for:

it may take us a while, but we will work our way through this, and we're continuing to invest very heavily in engineering on both webOS development and on new product development.

Go on and read the whole thing and then let us know: doesn't it feel good to have a CEO lay it all out? What do you think Palm's next step should be?