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Palm must have something up its sleeve. Engadget has reported via Gearlog that ealier today, Palm had a password-protected site up called palmmwc2009.com. So looks like Palm just might be announcing something big at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next month. That Palm password-protected site has already been taken down, but not before Gearlog snapped a quick screenshot as seen above. Hmm... I do believe I see a castle in the background. And is that possibly a Knight riding upon that a horse in the foreground? A little blurry but it sure looks like a castle behind a knight on horseback to my tired eyes. If you'll recall, we reported over at our sister site TreoCentral recently that Palm had slipped out the Palm Pre's codename "Castle" by accidentally leaving it in an automatically generated confirmation email.

So what could Palm be announcing at Mobile World Congress 2009? MWC is the world's biggest mobile phone trade show, so you know it's got to be something good. We're guessing that it'll be the official unveiling of the 3G GSM version of the Palm Pre. I hope that Palm announces an unlocked GSM version. I also hope that they'll give a release date on the Sprint CDMA Pre.

TC forum member clevin ponders what it could be in this thread:

a WebOS centro for $99? a WebOS PDA for $299? and announce the price for the Pre to be $199?

I like all of those.

Could there be even more goodies to be unveiled besides the possibly announced 3G GSM  version of the Pre? Wouldn't that be just awesome? I wonder if anyone was able to figure out the password before the palmmwc site got taken down?  I'm soooo curious now about what might be announced.  Let us know if you hear anything!