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The past few weeks have been almost exclusively about the HP TouchPad. We’ve had leaks, videos, pre-orders, training, homebrew, and much much more. There’s been so much we almost forgot about the 10-inch TouchPad’s codename: Topaz. Remember that? Back when heard about the Topaz tablet, we also heard about its smaller seven-inch cousing, the Opal. And then nothing. Well, friends, the Opal is back, and true to form, in a small way: it’s appeared as a compatible device in the app listings on HP’s very own website.

Palm, and now HP, put up the page to highlight some of the better apps available in the App Catalog. Hovering over the title of any of the apps under the App Experience or Featured Apps tabs opens a tooltip that contains the app’s price, minimum OS version, the app version, and a list of compatible devices:

Devices: Palm Topaz|Palm Roadrunner|Palm Pre|Palm Opal|Palm MantaRay

Topaz we know to the the TouchPad, and the Roadrunner is the Pre 2. MantaRay is to be the Pre3. And Opal? That’s the little seven-inch webOS tablet that we haven’t heard anything about since March, when it appeared set for a September release (with the TouchPad coming in June). Is the Opal to be the TouchPad7 trademark HP filed for not that long ago?