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When it rains, it pours. Following up on our exclusive Wal-Mart TouchPad distribution leak, we have the above internal document from OfficeMax pegging retail availability for the chain on July 17th. We'd say that would make us worry about the earlier-suggested early/mid June launch, but our tipster assures us that OfficeMax is often behind the curve when it comes to stocking tablets. 

The OfficeMax document also suggests that the TouchPad will be available in both "3G and 4G" versions. While a 3G version is technically not a surprise since HP / Palm have listed that in the specs since launch day (though never tecnically announced it), the 4G is either a shockingly awesome new development or a mistake on OfficeMax's part or... yet another example of the slippery definition of "4G" on AT&T's network. webOS fans should stay tuned for more information, but then again, "staying tuned" is pretty much the default stance these days already.

Meanwhile, another Wal-Mart tipster went ahead and checked their system and sent us the screen you see at right. Although there's no date on the screen, yon tipster informs us that this particular inventory screen would show bupukiss unless the launch was imminent. It also confirms that the price for the 32g TouchPad will clock in at just under $600.

In other words: we feel very confident about three things. 1. Wal-Mart is planning for a June launch of the TouchPad. 2. OfficeMax is planning to stock it in July. 3. HP's large distribution network means that America's retail employees can take a break from the customer service slog to fling cards around to their hearts' delight.