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O2 Palm Pre

Apparently we should get ready to say our final goodbyes to unlimited data, as our favorite cellular plan feature is not looking long for this world. At least that’s the message we’re getting from AT&T and now O2 UK. AT&T announced their new data plans last week, with unlimited going the way of the dodo and now topping out at 2GB for $25 a month, with the option to purchase additional gigabytes at $10 a pop.

O2 UK has taken a similar approach, though they’re offering even less to start. Plans will range from £25 for 500MB and 100 minutes to £60 for 1GB and unlimited calling (all plans include unlimited SMS and Wi-Fi hotspot access). While AT&T offers the option to add in more data as its needed, O2’s plans call for you to add a bolt-on to your plan, to the tune of an extra £5 a month for 500MB, or £10 for a full gig’. O2 will be sure to help subscribers monitor their plans by shooting out text messages to keep them updated on their data usage.

The press release states that 97% of O2 customers would not need to buy anything more than the 500MB plan, and that that much data is 2.5 times more data than the average O2 subscriber pulls down in a month. We’ll be quick to point out that the average O2 customer also likely has a dumbphone with horrible web browsing capabilities.

The new plans take effect for new and upgrading customers on June 24, until then subscribers can pick up any smartphone on O2 UK (including the Palm Pre, Pre Plus, and Pixi Plus) with unlimited data included on any compatible plan.

Source: O2