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by snoopgoat on 12/16/2010 | ; Tags: - none - | 17 comments

Precentral's Best Productivity App 2010

Life moves fast. Don't forget a thing. With Notes you can seamlessly take notes and add images, video or audio clips to your notes

• Add Media to your Notes
• Categorize your Notes
• Add a pin code to Protect your Notes
• Search for Notes
• Add Reminders to your Notes
• Share your Notes via Email or Twitter
• Import/Export Notes to Google Docs (currently, only the notes are imported/exported to Google Docs, embedded pictures are excluded)

NEW in version 1.6.0
- Added ability to sort notes
- Added ability to change background color in the preferences
- For webOS 2.0+: Improved the 'Just Type' functionality for creating 'smart reminders'. For example, typing "Meeting@06/01 5pm" will create a new reminder for June 6th at 5pm.
- See "What's New" in the Help menu for more details about bug fixes and newly Added features

• Palm webOS Hot Apps Winner
• 4 out of 5 stars from Precentral.net
• Top Pick on webOSroundup.com
• Precentral's Best Productivity App of 2010

• Email: IngloriousApps@gmail.com
• Website: www.IngloriousApps.com
• Twitter: @IngloriousApps

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