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Yesterday saw a slightly depressing post on the webOS developer forums. Ben Combee, a member of the Developer Relations team posted in response to PDK app bug on the HP Pre3 that even though the bug has been fixed “in the later version of webOS” (i.e. 3.x on the TouchPad), “there are no plans that I know of to do any more OS updates on the Pre3.”

Considering that the Pre3 only saw a very limited release, we can’t say we’re surprised to hear that HP isn’t dedicating resources towards updating the would-have-been flagship webOS smartphone past the current webOS 2.2.x currently available. But that doesn’t mean we’re not disappointed. We are. The Pre3 is great and all, but it’s got some software quirks we would have loved to see resolved in the near future. Alas, that seems unlikely to happen.