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So there’s a question you have to ask about that Sprint Pre sitting in your hand: what do you do when it finally dies? With webOS not looking likely for any time soon on Sprint, your options are limited: find a used replacement, pick up a Sprint Pixi, switch to a different platform on Sprint, or switch to a different carrier that has webOS. There’s no happy ground where you can have a new webOS phone and be on Sprint, and it doesn’t look like that’s going to change anymore.

But there are greener pastures. Android and Windows Phone 7 on Sprint are doing well, and frankly Sprint’s all-in on Android after the sales bust that was the original Pre. There’s also BlackBerry on Sprint (don’t laugh – seriously, they might hear you at CrackBerry). Or you can dump Sprint and switch to Verizon with the Palm Pre 2 or AT&T with the HP Veer – and both of them look to be getting the HP Pre3 sometime soon.

So what’s a Sprint Pre owner to do? That’s the question we’re asking.