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Keep your saltshakers handy folks, but we’re liking the way this sounds (and so may you). We’ve now heard from independent sources on opposite ends of the country that Sprint is reaching out to their corporate customers to let them know that the pin drop network will indeed be carrying new Palm devices in the future. Yes, devices. One will be a new Palm phone, though whether that will be the Palm Pre 2 or another as-of-yet unannounced webOS smartphone is unclear. Also said to be coming to Sprint: the PalmPad.

Now before you go all clamoring for a timeline, we’ve heard that even Sprint’s people don’t know it all just yet, and they’re waiting just like us for February 9th. With February 9th less than a week away now, it won’t be long before we finally have our answers. But all of you on Sprint, things seem to be looking a touch brighter.