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As an Englishman living in the US, Russell Brand is a funny guy, but like all of us, he also needs to stay in touch with his roots. In this latest video by HP's TouchPad marketing team, Russell Brand talks about the TouchPad in a way that only fits him - making people laugh. It's the first ad for webOS devices that shows the celebrity in full-body view from the start (with no device covering his face like Manny Pacquiao and Miranda Cosgrove's commercials), but still manages to show off the major features of webOS in a cool way. With a "WIZ!" for multi-tasking, a "Ka-POW!" to throw a card off the screen and a definitive "They Are!" with his Facebook notifications, we found ourselves laughing and loving the way that webOS is shown off.

Catch the video after the break and keep your eyes peeled on the HP website for more videos to appear. If they continue to be as good as this one, grabbing attention with the personality of the celebrity and then introducing viewers to the TouchPad's features, we can imagine they'll do fairly well in attracting attention to HP's new tablet device.