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New in the App Catalog

Now that we’re back from the Thanksgiving holiday and new apps are flowing in, it’s time to take another look at the App Catalog. Today’s app features are going to have a bit of a visual flair to them...

  • TweetCam is a simple but ingenious one trick pony: take a picture and instantly upload it to Twitter.
  • TealPaint Sketch and Draw is a classically styled drawing and painting app, with dozens of tools, patterns, and brushes, plus support for layers, animations, local saving, and more.
  • Casa lets you view and manage your Picasa photos and albums right from your phone.

There’s more, buckets worth, after the break.

New apps:

  • Bad Santa Caller ID, $1.99, by MobGen. Build evil Santa ringtones for more than two thousand names.
  • Base-N Ascii Converter, $0.99, by arkandos. Convert numbers to binary, octal, hexadecimal, and more.
  • Breast Cancer Risks Calculator, Free, by Big Clap. Calculate your risk of developing invasive breast cancer.
  • Business Bingo, Free, by Virtue Studio. Bingo for office meetings.
  • Casa, $1.99, by Inglorious Apps. View and manage your Picasa albums on your phone.
  • Choice of Romance, $2.00, by Choice of Games. Text-based multiple choice game where you play the young aristocrat looking for love in the king’s court.
  • Choice of the Dragon, $2.00, by Choice of Games. You are a fire-breathing princess-kidnapping dragon in this text-based multiple choice game.
  • Choice of the Vampire, $2.00, by Choice of Games. Take on the role of a vampire in 1815 New Orleans, seeking text-based multiple-choice love, power, and blood.
  • Christmas: Jingle Bells Shaker, $0.99, by Intuiteer. Shake your phone to trigger sleigh bells.
  • Donations, $1.00, by SEETA. Allocate and transfer funds for your organization.
  • Dwight Schrute - The Office, Free, by Photography Union. A growing collection of quotes from The Office’s Dwight Schrute.
  • Fog Horn, $0.99, by Patrick's App Creation. Push the button, get a fog horn (real fog horn not included).
  • Groupons, Free, by Tinybolt. Free version of the Groupons coupon app.
  • High Or Low, Free, by DS Effects. Predict whether the next card dealt will be higher or lower than the one on the table.
  • jLight Pro, $0.99, by Joey Hinton. Flaslight app with stored customizable settings, including SOS and Morse Code.
  • Local Schools, Free, by Tinybolt. Find statistics about nearby schools.
  • Mad Fighters, Free, by DS Effects. Learn the moves, craft your strategy, and unleash devastating combinations on your opponent.
  • Marital and Family Therapy Exam Prep, $5.99, by Upward Mobility. Get ready for the Marital and Family Therapy Exam with 400 sample questions.
  • Party Game - Spin the Bottle, Free, by DS Effects. Set down your phone and spin the bottle.
  • Sermon Notes, $1.99, by Systems Go. Take detailed sermon notes during church services, with smart linking of bible verses for online reference.
  • Sevilla Metro, $0.99, by NanoNino. Maps, stations, and more for the Sevilla Metro system.
  • SierraPapa, Free, by Richard Neff. The NATO phonetic alphabet and morse code.
  • SIR Mobile, Free, by Smarter Agent. The Sotheby’s International Realty allows you to search for the most extravagant properties around the United States.
  • SmartDrunk, Free, by No Insult Software. Count your beers to determine when you may be safe to drive.
  • Softick Solitaire, Free, by Softick. Big-card solitaire.
  • Soldier Talk, $1.99, by Aclass Apps. A collection military alphabets throughout history.
  • StatisticZ for Piwik, $1.59, by zefanjas. Access all of your Piwik web stats on the go.
  • TealPaint Sketch and Draw, $4.99, by TealPoint Software. Get your paint on with 25 drawing tools, 32 patters, 49 brushes, layers, animation, and more.
  • Tic Tac Toe Sexy, Free, by Virtue Studio. Tic tac toe with women’s underwear.
  • Toddler Tapping Zoo: Sights & Sounds, $0.99, by Tipitap. Pictures of animals with vocal narration.
  • Toronto Metro Map, $0.99, by Open Merchant Account. A scrollable locally-scored map of the Toronto Underground.
  • Track My Weight, Free, by Dragon Rider. Track and graph your weight over time.
  • Turin Metro, $0.99, by NanoNino. Maps, stations, and more for the Turin Metro Railway.
  • TweetCam, $0.99, by Inglorious Apps. Take a picture and upload it to Twitter in the background.
  • Twitter Trends, $0.99, by Canny Technologies (Hyderabad). Check out what’s trending on Twitter.
  • uspeak4me, $0.99, by Ed Miller. Speech assistance for impared children.
  • Vicinimuni, $0.99, by GldnFleece Software. Get arrival estimates of Muni and BART vehicles stopping within your vicinity.
  • WMF Piggybank, Free, by Watchmefreak. Track and log small amounts of money, like how much you owe a friend for lunch.

Updated apps: