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Even as the Angry Birds juggernaut continues to grow ever larger and barge into the toys and board games market, and even Hollywood, news has arrived that another sequel to the most popular mobile phone game ever is on the way.

Angry Birds Rio is due out in March, coinciding with the release of a 3D animated movie titled Rio. From the animated trailer, it seems you will no longer be battling smug little piggies, but a greedy cockatiel (or some such tropical bird) and his minions. The trailer, which you can see after the break, is of a much higher quality than what we have seen in Angry Birds games and it is backed by 20th Century Fox. That said, we'd expect the standard Angry Birds graphics and experience with this one.

You might assume that the movie Rio is an Angry Birds movie, but it's not really that at all - it's the story of a pet bird in Wisconsin that sets out to Brazil in search of tropical love, nothing really to do with Angry Birds. The game is merely a tie-in with the movie and a chance for 20th Century Fox to promote their film (and for Rovio to release another themed version of the game).

Although we do not have definite word that there will be a webOS release of the new game, it does say in the trailer “in app stores worldwide,” plural, so keep your eyes glued to the App Catalog sometime in March.