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We are pretty much expecting native office document editing on the Pre, primarily becuse during the Keynote CEO Ed Colligan flashed a list of partners (some of whom are pretty exciting, actually) and on there we saw DataViz, who make the excellent DocsToGo suite of office document editors for mobile devices.  They're on practically every mobile platform of note (significant exception: iPhone), and have been Palm's go-to office suite for the PalmOS since time immemorial.

Though the company told us they can't officially talk about future plans, they did leave a tantalizing reply to JayCanuck's comment on their blog:

For now, it sufficies to say we're a long time partner with Palm and (as always) we're excited to see a new, potentially game-changing mobile OS come along. Stay tuned.. [emphasis ours]

Nice stuff.  I'm a big fan of DocsToGo and even prefer it on Windows Mobile to Microsoft's own office suite, so we're hoping that they're able to get on the Pre at launch.  We're also wondering if they'll be able to support PDFs as well, actually, in addition to the standard office document types. 

Ok, one more question (they seem to multiply like rabbits when it comes to the Pre): do you think that it's possible to make a suite of software products like DocsToGo using the standard Mojo Web-Apps SDK, or would/will they need deeper access to the Linux core of webOS?

Thanks to JayCanuck for the tip!