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MyTether, the sometimes controversial webOS tethering app, has been updated to version 2.1.0 and this is definitely an update worth checking out.

Rod Whitby of WebOS Internals worked with the developer to improve the installation process for MyTether, giving advice on how to ensure that it wouldn't interfere with other functionality of webOS. Version 2.1.0 will now be installable and uninstallable via WebOS Quick Install and Preware.

Better still, with this version of MyTether, there's no more wifi driver replacement. It now harnesses the Mobile Hotspot Linux daemon present in all webOS devices to get the Mobile Hotspot-like results in MyTether.  As Palm is unlikely to kill their own Mobile Hotspot app, this route will likely, in turn, make MyTether lasting and reliable.

However, there may be dark cloud on the horizon as evidenced by this tweet from MyTether, where the developer writes "Palm, Inc. claims to PayPal that I'm infringing upon their intellectual property.. what IP did I infringe?" We can't speak to that issue, but we do know that using any third party tethering app is always risky business - your carrier could notice the use and do anything from charging you significantly more on your next bill to shutting your account down for violating their tiny-font terms of service.

If the use-at-your-own-risk caveats don't scare you, MyTether can be bought from its official website as donationware for a donation of $14.95.