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In our Pre forums, nlowhor posts up a link to the video above and yet again we see a couple of features we haven't spoken about on the site yet.  First up, the 'drag to unlock" feature that's actually an improvement over the iPhone's "slide to unlock" because instead of a horizontal slider, you have a circle that you can swipe out of in any direction.  In other words, much easier to do one-handed because it allows you to be less precise. 

The associated article at mobiledivide also points out another feature that Mike and I actually were hoping for in last night's podcast - namely, the ability to snap a photo with the spacebar instead of depending on the on-screen button.  On-screen buttons for snapping photos -- especially self portraits - can be a bit of a hassle, so it's great to see that Palm added this feature.

We're sure that there are probably dozens of subtle touches like these two throughout the entire device and OS and it's one of the reasons we're loving the Pre -- because Palm sweats the small stuff.