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I know, I know, first we want the Palm Pre to actually get released!  But it would be pretty cool if Palm were to put out some different colors later on like they did with the Centro.  I think that the Pre we've seen so far looks pretty slick in that dark, glossy Black color.  I also like my Treo Pro, which is also a glossy Black.

But I do enjoy getting to choose a device color.  Those color options just make it all more fun and interesting.  By choosing a particular color, it's like you're able to personalize your smartphone.  When Palm released the Treo 680 in Copper, I went gaga and Had to have it!  I love that color!  And I also had to have the Electric Blue Centro when it was released!  I use that Centro everyday and get compliments on it all the time for its color. And my Nokia N810 is a gorgeous Blue Silver.  Mmmm, that would be a great color for a Pre!

There's a thread in the Pre section in our forums in which some members are joking around about the Pre coming in different colors.  Although many are joking about it, I think that they really would like to see some different colors come out later on.  Someone joked that women would buy the Pre if it were Pink, no matter what features it had on it.  I'm sure that some women or rather teenagers would.  I wouldn't though because I don't think I'd want a Pink phone.  I do think that the Rose Centro on Sprint is pretty though.

Sprint certainly had more color choices in the Palm Centro.  Since Sprint is going to be the exclusive carrier for the Palm Pre, I wonder if we can count on some cool color choices eventually? I hope so!  Hey, maybe Palm can even have different colored Touchstones to match the Pre colors.  Yeah, I'm thinking way ahead here, huh?  It's fun though.  This is an exciting time right now because the Pre isn't out yet and we have so much to look forward to.  Since the Pre we saw at CES wasn't exactly a finished product, maybe we'll see some new stuff on the real thing when it's released.  Who knows?


Palm could already have several color choices in the works.  We know that the Pre is only the first device that will run on WebOS, so there's no telling what all might be in store for us in the coming months.  And I'm not talking colors here, just in general.  I cannot wait!

If I had my choice in colors in a Pre, I'd probably choose a dark Blue color as pictured above.  I doctored up some different colors that I thought people might like to see.  I should have added a silver or charcoal color.  I'd sure take one in either of those colors.   I know there are plenty more colors to add to the list, and I'm sure that all of you would have your own color desires in mind.  Check out the colors below that forum member NachoB posted in the "Why is the Pre black?" thread.

If you had a color choice in a Pre or any other device, what would you pick?  Fellow writer Jon loves the Washington Redskins, and he'd like to see some burgundy and gold on a Pre.  Heck, I wouldn't mind seeing some black and blue in a Carolina Panthers theme myself.  I know that lots of people buy sports themed Skinit skins all the time for their phones, gaming devices, and laptops. Lots of people really do enjoy personalizing their gadgets.  I bought a Green and Black Butterfly Skinit for that White Centro that I got to take for a test ride last year.  Besides Skinit, there's ColorWare, a company that actually changes the color of your devices.  For example, you can send in your iPhone 3G and have them change the color for $150.  That's really awesome that there's a company out there that can do that for you.  I think I'll just wait for the Pre to come out as is and be happy with whatever color it is.  Of course I'll gladly take another color later on if we do get that choice.