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Edit Carrier StringThe "carrier string" is the bit of text on the top-left of your device that is visible when you are in card mode or looking at your device's lock screen, and shows the cellular carrier that you are currently connected to. So, unless you do any travelling or have roaming enabled on your device, this will always show the same thing, be it "AT&T" or "Sprint" or whatever your carrier is. Some of the first patches available for webOS have been to modify this carrier string, but most of those were another static (i.e. non-editable) string of text; one patch for webOS 1.x devices would even show the SSID of a Wi-Fi network you were connected to. Regardless, unless you were comfortable editing and manually installing .patch files, your options were limited to what you could choose.

With the development of the Tweaks app by WebOS Internals and homebrew developer Garrett92c's "Custom Carrier String" patch in Preware, you now have full control over what you can put in your carrier string text. Once you have both Tweaks and the patch is installed, you will see that the carrier string is defaulted to just showing "Palm". But load up Tweaks, tap on "Topbbar" section, enter your new carrier string in text box and then swipe back. You should be prompted to perform a Luna Restart and just select "Yes". Once the device loads back up, it may still say "Palm" for a few seconds and then your new text will appear. 

While you can obviously put anything in this next field, once suggestion would be to put in an "In case of emergency" number in here by putting in "ICE ###-###-####" (ICE is a common acronym for "In Case of Emergency". This can be helpful if you have a PIN or password set on your device because you don't need to get past the lock screen to view this number. So if there is an emergency and someone picks up your phone, they can immediately see your emergency contact number.  Or, you can just put in "webOS Nation rules". We won't complain!

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