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It's a regular occurance to see a roadmap for major US carrier networks leaked somewhere on the web ahead of time, but lately our eyes have been straining to find a mention of a certain special webOS smartphone in the masses of documents that are being passed around. Our sister-site AndroidCentral has come across one such document recently, a roadmap of devices to be released on Verizon's network between September 2011 and January 2012. Don't get your hopes up too much, though; there's not a single mention of a Verizon HP Pre 3 to be seen in that document.

To be fair, there are devices that will be released on Verizon that are not detailed in documents such as this one (like the iPhone 5, which is almost certain to come out on Big Red during those months), so there is a chance that the Pre 3 release is being kept secret until we get closer to the date. There is also the chance, as we've reported before, that the Pre 3 will be released in this month of August, putting it before the time period mentioned in that leaked document and sooner to reach our eager hands.

The third possible reality, which has been in the front of our thoughts since first seeing this document, is that the Pre 3 simply won't be released on Verizon's network. HP could choose to go to the only other likely carrier in the US for the release of the device, AT&T (which they're already courting to keep the HP Veer 4G and TouchPad 4G brands alive), and try for Verizon sometime in the future with other devices. Currently, Verizon does offer the Pre 2 for sale, so they'll be more inclined to update that line with the latest from HP. But we can't count on that for sure, so instead we'll just sit back and wait to see what is announced over the next few weeks.