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Latest marketshare numbers show webOS is hanging on
by Nathan Mylott on 3/7/2011 | Filed Under: News; Tags: - none - | 47 comments

The Palm brand may be gone, but like Robin Williams’ spirit communicating to his wife through automatic writing in What Dreams May Come, the latest Comscore market share statistics show Palm saying clearly, “I still exist.”

Palm is still in last place for smartphone platform market share, but the decline is slight this time and even though the recent Verizon Pre 2 launch was the first carrier launch of a webOS phone that doesn't look just like the first gen devices, still 3.2% of the 30,000 mobile subscribers surveyed were still holding on to their Palm phones through the three month period that ended in January. With the awesome new products coming down the pike with webOS on board, we have to assume that number will be on the rise again this summer.

It is interesting to note that these market share results do not include tablets. So if you include the iPad, it is possible that iOS is more prevalent than these numbers reflect, and indeed the Touchpad’s triumphant launch this summer will not help Palm’s numbers on this chart. Palm’s ranking here also includes any lingering Palm OS holdouts as well, though presumably these are mostly webOS users.

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