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Swipe up from gesture area Performing a Swipe Up from the gesture area or pressing the Center Button (for Pre) / Center LCD (for Pre Plus, Pixi or Pixi Plus) will perform different actions, depending on where you are in webOS:

  • When you have an application open, performing a Swipe Up or pressing the center button/LCD will minimize the current application and bring you into Card View
  • While in Card View, a Swipe Up will bring up your full launcher, while pressing the Center Button / LCD will bring your app back to full screen mode
  • While on any Launcher page, either the Swipe Up or the Center Button/LCD will hide the Launcher and bring you back to Card View, with your App minimized on the screen
  • If a Phone Call comes in, a Swipe Up will minimize the call to the dashboard. Then, either ignore the call and it will go to voicemail, or tap on the notification to answer the call
  • If a Calendar Entry alarm appears, a Swipe Up will snooze the alarm and minimize the entry to the dashboard


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