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Several users from the forums have been raising their voices to try and get Kik Messenger, a real time group messaging system for iOS and Android, ported over to webOS. Schmid7y has been raising the most noise lately with his conversations on Twitter as well, and tells us that the people at Kik are interested in getting an app on webOS, they just want to hear from more people that are interested. Obviously, this is a great opportunity to see an app ported to the platform, so head over to let them know what you'd like to see. Of course, we still need a Push Services from HP to make the possibility of this likely, but it's still a good idea to let companies know we're waiting for them,

We were all new at one time, though for most of us that was a long time ago. New users of webOS are still showing up in our forums to find out about the cool things they can do with their devices, so don't be afraid to search them out and give them the tips that have helped you the most along your own journey. Couck is one such new user, and he's looking for instructions on how to install themes and have some fun with various apps, so let him know your opinion on what to look for and get him moving on the "webOS way" of life.

Ever had a problem with a broken power button that was mashed into your device? Goyena has had that exact problem recently and asked for help in the forums to find out if it was possible to fix on their own (without shipping it in for replacement). No doubt, the webOS faithful responded with some great tips to get the problem solved, and the button is now working well that to their tips. 

Just like Couck up above, brianharr123 is new to the webOS world after selling his iPhone 4 and buying a Pixi Plus on AT&T. After saying that webOS devices are smartphones for the "seasoned and developed" (we agree!) he asks quite plainly what apps to get, and the masses came running in with answers. If you have some favorite apps/patches that you'd like to share, don't be afraid to let him know the best that webOS has to offer.

webOS 2.x has been out in the wild on the Pre 2 for a while now, but there are still only a few themes available for those of us using the latest version of the system. Even if that weren't the case, and webOS 2.x had many of the themes from 1.x updated to work with it, we think that Garrett92c's theme, CarbonOS, would still be one of the favorites of the bunch. Check out what he's done with his theme for webOS 2.0, and keep up to date with what features he'll be adding in the future by subscribing to his thread.

There's always a lot more going on in the forums than we can list here, though, so why not check them out for yourself? When you find stories that you would like to share in the column, From the Forums, send us an email at tim@precentral.net and we'll try to include it in the next batch.