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We might not be that far away from finally getting our hands on the HP TouchPad and HP Pre 3. The two new flagship webOS devices have been slated for a “summer” release ever since their unveiling at Think Beyond back in February, and now it seems that they might be here in the early parts of the summer, specifically June. As in next month, sometime in the next 21-51 days. We’ve received multiple reports from readers who have had HP reps tell them June for both devices, and even HP CEO Leo Apotheker has said June for the TouchPad on multiple occassions (apparently none of the ananlysts have been interested enough to ask about the Pre 3).

HP VP of Developer Relations Richard Kerris, however, is interested. He even has one. When asked on Twitter about the release order for the TouchPad and Pre 3, Kerris said it’s TouchPad and then the Pre 3. If you were to ask us, we’d think with Touch-to-Share being a major feature of the TouchPad, we’d want the phone out either first or concurrently. Either way, June’s not that far off, and hopefully neither are our new webOS tablets and phones.