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Is that Slingbox sitting under your TV looking oh so sadly at the Pre in your hand? Rest assured that Sling Media feels your pain. There’s a job listing up on their site for a Senior Mobile User Interface Designer, who must “Be knowledgeable about and/or interested in becoming an expert on the existing user interface paradigms used on iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Symbian, Android, and Palm WebOS.”

As you can imagine, the Senior Mobile User Interface Designer’s job is to work on the user interfaces for upcoming SlingPlayer releases. As in a webOS SlingPlayer. Can I get a “Hollah”?

So even though Sling Media was on board as one of those partners at the Pre’s CES 2009 unveiling in January, we were starting to get the feeling that there hadn't been much work done on a webOS SlingPlayer app. Then again, maybe they just need the interface designer to put a pretty face on the code. Either way, getting this job filled is one step closer to Pre owners getting on their place- and time-shifting television action.

Thanks to windzilla for the tip!