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A week ago, Dieter talked about Apple announcing their iPhone 3.0 on the day of the first Sprint/Palm Webinar.  There were rumored "Palm Pre features" mentioned by Digg's Kevin Rose. Well, iPhone 3.0 did get Spotlight, a system-wide iPhone search.

If you're interested in all the other new features being brought to the iPhone in 3.0, take a look at our sister site The iPhone Blog's excellent iPhone OS 3.0 Beta 1 Software Walkthrough.  Our Pal Rene does a wonderful job of explaining what has and hasn't changed with iPhone 3.0.  TiPB also has a great Apple iPhone 3.0 Massive News Roundup that is worth reading.

There's an interesting thread in our forums too that you'll want to check out: iPhone 3.0 vs Pre.

So, what do you think about iPhone 3.0?  Should Palm be worried, or do they have enough goodies covered in the Pre?