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For those of you questioning whether your unlocked GSM Pre 2 (or FrankenPre2) will ever get the Amazon MP3 app that you had on your previous webOS devices, PreCentral forum member cwgtex has given us some steps that put a firm "Yes" to that answer. Through a few steps that include such scary things exctracting ipk files and installing them via the linux command line, you can have the application back in your launcher where it belongs. As of right now the installation goes without many hassles, and does allow you to make purchases/download from the MP3 store.

If linux command lines and words like Novaterm and "root prompt" scare you, don't fret. The steps to add the app are simple enough to follow once you understand what is going on, but you are always free to ask questions in the forums to get help as well. Of course, if you already have the Amazon MP3 store on your device and want to hide it, there is a patch for that too.