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One of the features from PalmOS that I often miss is the ability to tap on a phone number that is imbedded within an email or SMS (e.g. in a voicemail notification) to get a prompt identifying whose number that is prior to actually calling it. In webOS, if you tap on a phone number it automatically launches the phone app and dials that number. While this will indeed identify the number, it will also of course result in you calling that person. One option to determine the contact who owns that number is to type in or copy-and-paste the number into Universal Search, but that can be a pain.  Keep reading after the break to learn of a much easier method you can use


While there is no official function to identify the owner of a phone number, there is a quick workaround that you can use by engaging the Press-and-hold feature of webOS. Just follow the following steps:

  1. When you receive a message with a phone number, tap on the number and hold you finger there for a few seconds.
  2. When the pop-up menu appears, if the "Add to Conta cts" option appears then you know that this number is not tied to anyone in your Contact List.
  3. If you only have the option to "Call" or "Text", then you can press "Text" and a new SMS window will appear and webOS will automatically convert that number to the name of the person in your contact list.
  4. Assuming that you do not want to send a text to that person, just perform a back swipe to close the text message with the full knowledge of who owns the number
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