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We thought we had spotted this during the HP Summit webcast, but couldn't quite be sure. Fortunately, eagle-eyed PreCentral forum members have our back: HP's promotional video this afternoon featured a TouchPad rocking an augmented-reality app assisted by a rear-facing camera.

The video had a father and son visualizing how awesome it would be to have velociraptor wallpaper in your bedroom with the assistance of a TouchPad, a gyroscope, a non-existent app, and what has to be a rear-facing camera. Then they made their dream a reality (presumably by printing said wallpaper with sweet, sweet HP ink) on the boy's walls. It was, dare we say, a magical father-son moment.

While we'd like to believe that all three features - camera, app, and gyro - are real. Sadly, only the gyroscope is actually coming on the TouchPad. The rear camera and augmented reality app are, instead, quite possibly the result of the fever-dreams of some HP videographers who are a little too into The Adventures of Dr. McNinja. Then again, the promised June lauch is still a ways away, so who knows what surprises HP may have in store - HP already has a proven track-record of desperately wanting to match certain iPad specs, after all.