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HP has unveiled an all-new developer portal for webOS, which you can find at developer.hpwebos.com. HP wants to push the story that webOS isn't just about phones anymore, it's also about Tablets and, yes, every PC that HP ships.

HP has detailed just what developers need to do to enter the Early Access Program so they can get the webOS 3.0 SDK and start developing TouchPad apps in Enyo. Basiclally, you just need sign up for a regular developer account and then email pdc@palm.com and ask for it. The SDK includes not just Enyo details, but reference UI components, help for designing for the TouchPad, and app examples.

Hopefully we'll see the webOS 3.0 SDK go out of private beta and into the public sphere in short order after the TouchPad is released to help wash out the bad taste we got during the 5 month wait for the 2.0 SDK.