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When HP announced price cuts to the HP TouchPad and a subsequent “Sorry you bought early, here’s $50 for apps” App Catalog credit - both in the US - there was a resounding cry in our comments: “What about Canada/France/Germany/Britain?” Well, friends, your day has come. HP has slashed the price of both storage options of the TouchPad across the international board. Both the 16GB and 32GB TouchPads have received a £50 cut in the UK, €80 in France and Germany, $100 in Australia where it hasn’t even officially launched yet, and a whopping $150 (!) slashing in Canada that brings the pricing in line with the American brother.

Additionally, according to Golem.de, HP is extending its early adopter app credit to at least Germany, where TouchPad customers can expect a €40 credit for use in the App Catalog. We wouldn’t be surprised if this also applies to France and the UK (Canada, we’re sorry, but we’re never sure if you’re going to get the short end of the stick or not… fingers crossed?). Even though we’re a US-based blog, we’re happy to see HP extending both the price cuts and app credits to loyal webOS customers the world over. It’s a good move and it speaks volumes to HP’s commitment to the webOS customer base.