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If you live in the UK or Canada and have been waiting to get your hands on an HP TouchPad, today is your lucky day. While many customers who pre-ordered the device have already received the TouchPad and accessories through the mail, other residents can now head out to local stores like PC World or Best Buy to get an HP tablet in their hands today (though accessories have been difficult to find in some regions).

Cost of the TouchPad is comparable to the pricing of the device in the US, with the 16GB wifi-only model coming in at £399 in the UK or $449.99 in Canada, and the 32GB version hitting £479 (UK) or $549.99 (Canada). We still have yet to hear about other countries that we know will be getting the TouchPad this year, but we can't imagine it'll be too much longer before we are told about official releases in the rest of the world. 

If you're heading out to grab a TouchPad today, let us know in the comments below, but don't forget to read our review as well to see a full rundown of what you should expect with your purchase.

UPDATE: The TouchPad is also now available in France and Germany. Go get 'em!