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When HP announced the release date for the HP TouchPad, they also announced that they would make available this summer a 4G cellular version powered by AT&T’s HSPA network – the HP TouchPad 4G. While we’re inching closer to release with every day, we still didn’t know how close we were to that release, or how much the privilege of cellular mobility would cost us.

This morning, we have a better idea on the latter, thanks to the chaps at Amazon. They’ve put up a pre-order page for the TouchPad 4G, with the asking price of $699.99 (with free super save shipping!) for the cellular-enabled webOS tablet. That’s for the expected 32GB tablet with a 1.5GHz dual-core processor, which is really just $100 more than its Wi-Fi-only counterpart. Comparatively, Apple tacks on $130 for the cellular iPad 2, but in their case they have to machine a different back for the iPad to accommodate the cellular antenna and SIM card. HP does not, since the TouchPad has a radio-friendly plastic case with the SIM card slot already in place even on the Wi-Fi tablet.

So is the TouchPad 4G worth it at $700, plus whatever you’ll end up paying AT&T for service? That depends on how much you value mobility. You could tether your phone to the tablet to provide data while on the lam, but you know that’s going to drain both your phone battery and your data allotment. Then again, it’s also not going to cost you extra every month. It really depends on how much you use your TouchPad while out of Wi-Fi signal area, and how much you need data connectivity when you do.