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It's been the albatross around Palm's (and now HP's) neck -- that webOS has been confined to hardware that was rendered realtively mediocre by the time it was released. And things haven't gotten much better with time.

But it's long been whispered that webOS might one day be licenced to other manufacturers. And CEO Leo Apotheker has confirmed to Bloomberg that indeed talks are taking place, and "that a number of companies have expressed interest."

Apotheker repeatedly declined to name which manufacturers HP was talking with (hey, they are only so many, right?), but Bloomberg apparently has not one, not two, but three anonymous sources that named Samsung as a likely suspect.

That'd certainly bring the possibility of some stellar hardware to webOS. But Samsung has its own baggage, name the black eye it's gotten over the past year or so in its in ability to get updated software on its Android phones. At least that's how it looks to many of the Android faithful. And more recently, it's found itself in a blow-for-blow bout with Apple over alleged trademark infringments. It's doubtful we'll see Samsung dump Android anytime soon, but certainly an OS with the patent coverage that webOS enjoys must be looking pretty good at this point.

Regardless, it's all still pretty unofficial at this point, but it wouldn't surprise us in the least to see webOS on some new hardware this time next year. Heaven knows it could use it.

Source: Bloomberg