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Jon Rubinstein

HP recently held a presentation / webcast for employees and Palm Exec Jon Rubinstein discussed both Palm and the future of webOS during the presentation.

Rubinstein was typically bullish about Palm's future given that he (and we) expects the mobile web to become "10 times larger than today's PC internet." Palm now has the resources to deal with a scale of that size, Rubinstein said that "more than 200 HP employees have joined the Palm team, including many sales people."

Some of those HP employees on-site for the presentation received Palm Pre phones. One such question was from an HP employee looking to find out how soon webOS would be able to handle the (probably pretty secure) Enterprise intranet the company uses. Rubinstein noted that "We do have VPN capability and that type of thing coming online soon. We do have enterprise-class security coming in the future as well."

VPN is no surprise after the gigantic webOS 2.0 screenshot leak earlier this week, but we'll be curious what other enterprise features will be coming. More generally, we're glad to see that HP is facilitating engagement between Palm and the larger company.

Thanks, anonymous!