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We have heard about the HP/Fossil partnership on a connected wristwatch and it looks like this little nugget of portable tech magic is less fantasy and more reality than we thought, as HP’s CTO Phil McKinney showed it off at HP’s Future of Innovation event.

McKinney showed the web connected watch, which he said was first introduced in 2007, and described it as the central hub of connectivity.

“The concept was that the watch would become the aggregation point for your connectivity, be the point that brings all your devices together rather than having each device operating independently.”

To hear McKinney’s comments for yourself, check out the video after the break and scrub to the 25 minute mark.

Though he did not reveal any details about what devices it would connect with, what precisely it would do for you, or when it would ever hit the market, he hinted at connecting and sharing and being integrated with the entire family of devices.

McKinney said the prototype he was showing was the first generation of an experimental device. He called it “an investigation” into the concept of devices you wear, not just those you carry in your pocket. He said it would be “fully integrated” with the web, though did not elaborate on what exactly that would mean. When you have a smartphone in your pocket notifying you of email, weather, headlines and everything else, what is there left for the watch to handle for you that requires web access?