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The journey for webOS has taken far longer than what we imagined at its incredibly well received introduction at CES ‘09, but HP exec Ari Jaaksi has never lost faith and still believes our favorite mobile OS is on the brink of greatness.

“WebOS will go to places, and HP is very dedicated to make this happen. For partners, developers, and new employees; this is the time to join the ride. We have ambitious goals. We will make webOS a winning mobile operating system. We will create an exciting ecosystem with developers and other partners. We are very committed, we have products in the pipeline, and we do not hesitate.”

Jaaksi then went on to tout the newly announced webOS devices and how well they will work together, even with printers and PC’s in the future.

"We’ll have a cool tablet, world’s smallest smartphone, a big screen workhorse smartphone, plans for printers and PCs. Did you see how they work together? We have a clear developer focus with Enyo, Ares, and PDK. Have you tried them already? I’d say this is a pretty good demonstration about how serious we are."

A former Nokia executive, Jaaksi was apparently spurred on by Nokia’s recent announcement that they would abandon Symbian and MeeGo for Windows Phone 7. Nokia has long been working to keep its smartphone operating systems Symbian and MeeGo afloat against the powerhouses of Android and iOS, similar to Palm’s struggle with webOS. Jaaksi apparently sees their move to Windows Phone as throwing in the towel. He said of his former colleauges:

 “I’m sad to see they no longer trust they can make a difference. They’ve given up and given away their passion. Sorry, that ain’t gonna work. You must believe in yourself and what you are up to, and you must believe you can change the world.”

This was a sentiment clearly felt by Nokia’s own employees as a thousand of them staged a walk out following the announcement. This feeling was even echoed in the comments on Jaaksi’s blog post, along with evidence of the shrinking patience people have for HP and webOS.

Jaaksi invited his former coworkers to follow him to HP, many of whom once worked for Palm, and pointed out that there a lot of people still needed on the webOS team.