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If you have been wondering who DA MAN is, we're here to tell you: it's PreCentral reader Adam, who is sending in video from HP's webOS CONNECT event in London just as fast as he can shoot it with his Palm Pre. The latest missive from across the pond is a promo video for the TouchPad HP has looping at the event. Done up as a rather cute whiteboard animation, it shows the major features of the TouchPad - from multitasking card stacks to synergy to notifications to Touch-to-Share to answering phone calls on the TouchPad.

50 seconds in, it also shows a Just Type universal search implementation that's a little different from what we expected - smaller and up in the upper lefthand corner where it doesn't occlude the entire screen. We'd be tempted to read into that, but the video also shows the TouchPad being set on a cylindrical TouchStone for charging instead of the TouchPad dock we've already seen, which doesn't seem likely to happen for realsies if you ask us.

The tagline for the whole thing reads "Mission: To build a mobile device that operates the way that you do and helps you do what you want to do and get to what you want to get to." That's the kind of run-on sentence the lackluster grammarians here at PreCentral can get behind.

Thanks again, Adam!