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In the US, the word is that the Pre 3, which is the big brother to the Veer and a smartphone that has been sparking debates and discussions for months, is now slated for a Fall release. In the UK, however, the story is told a bit different, and those interested parties can now pre-order a device through Play.com to be shipped to their homes on August 31st (for £399.99, and it's still bit later than the previous Mid-July release we saw last week).

Interesting thing to note here, is that August 31st still falls in the Summer Season, which is what HP promised on delivery. Even if the US product brief states a release in the fall, HP can still hold true to its promise with a summer Europe release (which is looking more likely with each bit of news that comes in), much to the annoyance of loyal fans in the States.

We might caution you to take this news with a bit of salt, though. The amount of shuffling that's been going on with the Pre 3, from a July 8th release, to mid-july, to pre-order now, out-of-stock and finally an August 31st release, has us all a bit confused about what to actually expect. We aren't entirely sure if that listing on Play.com will last very long either, as other listings have been removed since. At the very least, we do know that we'll see the device ship by the Holidays, though that certainly doesn't give us any real comfort about what to expect in the coming months.