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All the good news yesterday was leavened with one very big piece of bad news: webOS 2.x will not be released Over-The-Air (and probably not at all) to all devices older than the Pre 2. HP had promised us they'd post a website where users could check their upgradability and get options to "find a path to 2.x."

That page is now live at palm.com/webos-info. We've plugged in a Verizon Pixi Plus and a Sprint Pre 'minus' into the system thus far and the answer is the same:

Your device is not able to support the new features of webOS 2.

Therefore, your device will not receive a webOS 2 update. The latest software for your device is webOS 1.4.5.

We are working on alternative plans with [insert carrier here] and will be sharing details in the coming weeks. Please come back to palm.com/webos-info to find out more.

Marshalla99 in our forums tried a Palm Pre on O2 and didn't get that final paragraph. In other words, if you're looking for final confirmation that your device won't get the webOS 2 update, HP has you covered. As for what these "alternative plans" are, HP was honest that they didn't have a final answer yesterday. We were originally told that for some devices a PC-based, webOS Doctor style update may have been in the cards, but "Your device is not able to support the new features of webOS 2" pretty clearly means that won't be an option after all.

No two ways about it: this is a painful move from HP and a slap in the face to the thousands of webOS owners who have hung on to increasingly decrepit hardware based on Palm's original promise (last made just over two months ago) that all current Palm devices would receive the 2.x update