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That above is the back of today’s New York Times newspaper, and yes, that’s a full-page ad chock full of attention-grabbing black ink for the AT&T HP Veer 4G. It’s really hard to get a handle on just how small the Veer is until you, well, handle it, but HP’s trying their hardest with this “actual size” ad. Smartly, HP doesn’t attempt to compare the Veer to any other phones, instead:

“Introducing the incredibly powerful, all-new HP Veer 4G. The nation’s smallest 4G smartphone. hp.com/veer.”

Judging by the simple and dark aesthetics of the ad, and the giant “Everybody On” tagline, it’s clear that this is an HP ad. We don’t know if that means HP is taking charge of the advertising campaign for the Veer (similar to how Apple handles the majority of iPhone advertising), or AT&T is too busy pumping out ads for the next Android megaphone, but it certainly seems as if HP’s promised advertising campaign for the Veer is starting to ramp up. Check out the full-size image after the break.

Thanks to Joe for the tip and pic!

[click to view full-size]