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Engadget's PalmPad leak has brought to light some tantalizing possibilities for the future of webOS that have us "thinking beyond." In addition to the new Just Search button in the gesture area that Derek mentioned, we have hints of future features in the slide detailing release dates for the Opal.

Specifically, there's a bullet point that appears to say this:

forward calls and text messages while your phone charges, seamlessly move app and content experiences from phone or PC to slate

We're seeing two features here. First, it sounds as if when your phone is charging (presumably on a Touchstone), you can just get your calls and texts directly on the slate. Snazzy.

Second, "seamlessly move app and content experiences" seems to imply that HP and Palm intend to use the cloud to allow you to do away with syncing and be able to start work (or a game) on one device and finish it on another. They could just be pointing out that you can get the same experience on multiple devices - but the hints in that netbook-name-dropping training video have us thinking there's something more ambitious planned. Think beyond, indeed.