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On Saturday we grabbed a statement from HP about the development roadmap for webOS developers for 2011 and noted that it looked to us like there was a very bright development future with a dark tunnel in the short term as developers are looking at maintaining Mojo apps while learning the new, awesome Enyo framework. 

Looks like HP heard both us and developers. In two posts on their Developer blog they not only mentioned an expansion of their free Pre 2 for developers program but also talked about expandig support. In "Making the Transition to webOS 2.0 and Beyond," HP's Sean Lindo writes that HP is "actively expanding resources to help you develop for webOS" and that there are "New incentives and promotions" coming soon to "reward your efforts and support of webOS."

More interestingly, Lindo put up a second post "Mojo and Enyo: Two Great Opportunities" wherein he touts the potential sales numbers of the Veer and the Pre 3 while noting that developers should "factor in the effort that will be required to rebuild these apps in Enyo." Most importantly, Lindo hints that they have plans in the works to help ease the transition to Enyo for current Mojo webOS developers:

Rest assured, we’re going to give you the tools and resources to make this transition as smooth as possible.

HP is ready to provide the strongest marketing and distribution ever for webOS devices. We want to work with our development community to provide your apps to more customers worldwide

Sounds like a plan to us. More free Pre 2 phones for "qualified" developers, "incentives and promotions" for developers, and "tools and resources" for the transition. All of the above may be necessary to keep the current crop of webOS developers on board. What about current webOS users who won't be getting webOS 2.0? We eagerly await more details on the solution is to "make things right."