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HP announced just a few days ago that they were bringing their webOS Connect developer events to Europe, with the cities of Paris, France, and Berlin, Germany, getting to go in May. With May now upon us, we finally have more info on these events:

webOS Connect Paris will be on Wednesday, May 25, from 6:00-9:00 PM at Le Kare Magik, a reception center with space for 40-200.

webOS Connect Berlin will be at the same time on Friday, May 27, at the Spindler & Klatt restaurant on the Spree River.

HP Vice President of Developer Relations Richard Kerris will be on hand to talk about what’s going on with webOS, as well as other members of the developer relations team. And, of course, your fellow developers will also be on hand for all of your brainstorming, soundboarding, and networking needs.

Oh, and you’ll get to learn more about developing on webOS 3.0 for the HP TouchPad. Who knows, HP might even have some of those fabled webOS tablets on hand for you to fondle. Registration is currently open for both the Paris and Berlin webOS Connect events, but space in both venues is limited, so you might want to reserve your place now.