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On February 9th, after HP announced that there would not be a guaranteed upgrade path for legacy devices (the Pre, Pixi and their Plus varieties) to webOS 2.x and beyond, the community was justifiably outraged. In response, HP promised to "make things right" for the legacy owners. Since then, we've heard nothing specific about how that would happen. Until today.

This afternoon, on the official Palm blog, Jon Zilber announced that legacy devices owners who want a 32 GB TouchPad can enjoy an extra $50 loyalty rebate. As Jon puts it:

When the first webOS phone came out, a lot of you took a chance on our new platform. We appreciate your support -- as customers, as champions, and even occasionally as our most thoughtful critics -- and we’d like to make it just a little easier for you to experience the latest version of the power of HP webOS.

 Through July 31, you can get a $50 rebate on the purchase of a new 32GB TouchPad. Proof of ownership of a Palm Pre, Pre Plus, Pixi, or Pixi Plus (initially in the US or Canada) will be required. This mail-in rebate is good wherever you buy your TouchPad, including preorders and reservations. (Watch your email inbox for details.)

We agree that this is not as much as some would want, but it is a promise kept, and the $50 discount, on top of any other sales or discounts you may find, is a nice perk for being a patient and early adopter. So dig through those e-mail archives and shoeboxes for your receipts, and as Jon says, watch your inbox (probably the one you use for your legacy device's Palm Profile, we'd imagine) for details.

UPDATE: After we posted the above, a number of users received e-mails with additional details, and we also got the below directly from Jon Zilber (and have updated the text of the blog reproduced above):

Don't panic -- you don't need to dig up your old receipt for your original webOS phone purchase. All you'll need will be information (like your serial number) that is readily available from your phone. And there will soon be a website available to help you submit your rebate if you run into any snags.

Jon Z