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If you’re a current or prospective HP TouchPad developer, HP has some good news for you: they want to help. Only bad news is that you have to got to the Palm campus in Sunnyvale, California to get that help. The first group of developers is starting work today, with a second session scheduled for the weekend of April 28-29 (Friday and Saturday). Developers in attendance will get to work with HP staff on how to implement the Enyo framework, work with the PDK, and general user interface/experience design issues. Oh, and did we mention that they’d get to test their apps on a real live working TouchPad? Because you do get to do that.

If you’re concerned about the cost of making that trip all the way out to sunny California, fret not. HP’s Sean Lindo posted to the Developer Center Blog that they will soon be expanding these TouchPad developer sessions to new cities. We like that HP is reaching out to developers and getting them the time they need with unreleased devices so that they can develop and test their apps – hopefully this will result in a vibrant and bustling App Catalog filled with TouchPad-compatible apps on launch.