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What do you do when you have an impending tablet launch and a core group of ridiculously passionate users waiting for it and you have a platform which seems to be well-liked but suffers from a serious dearth of apps? Well, first you start hosting developer sessions at your HQ as well as abroad, then you get those TouchPads in the hands of key developers. So tweets iOS developer Mark Gurman, who writes "HP has started giving TouchPads to app developers ahead of launch." No word on whether the units are loaners or not.

We're still expecting that launch will happen next month thanks to the words of CEO Leo Apotheker and various HP reps. Real TouchPad units in the hands of developers bolsters the hope for a June launch and also bolsters hope that we'll see some great apps for the TouchPad. Both should help ease any heartburn webOS fans may have after hearing about HP's quarterly financial woes.

Source: @markgurman