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Engadget has done some digging in the FCC and uncovered a device that's three kinds of weird and one kind of interesting. It's a filing for the "eStation Zeen," which is a Slate-looking device sporting WiFi. Things get odd when the details get filled in: apparently it is rumored to be running Android and meant to be an e-reader with a special focus on docking to a printer - though apparently the hardware is less than inspiring. The FCC confidentiality is set to lift on December 31st this year and, well, there's some Compaq branding in the mix as well given that the product number is "CQ720A"

If the device is going to make it to market, we'd like to assume that HP will transition it to be a webOS-based device. They have said that they'll be using webOS exclusively for smartphones and have no plans to make an Android smartphone, but I guess we could parse that to intentionally not include slate devices. We can't say we're confident about the options here: a quick port to webOS would probably result in poor hardware/software integration, releasing an Android tablet would cause all sorts of confusion, and scuttling a product after sending it to the FCC doesn't exactly send a good message either.

What say you, webOS-nation? Interested in a Zeen?

UPDATE: Engadget's gotten additional deets on the Zeen, and in the process dashed our hopes of seeing webOS. According to their multiple sources, the Zeen is going to be an Android 2.1-powered device with an HP overlay. Yeah, Android. This sucker is also a capacitive tablet with an SD-slot, video support, and - get this - "significant integration with the Barnes & Noble Nook bookstore and ecosystem." Additionally, there's a "Zeus" printer to go along with the Zeen, bundled together they'll go for a cool $399.

Source: Engadget, FCC; via Engadget; Thanks to everybody who sent this in!