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HP CTO Phil McKinney has mentioned that he'd issued a challenge to the company's elite engineering corps at an internal event known as TechCon to develop applications for webOS in a bid to increase "dogfooding".  Some time has passed since then, and there's nary an HP app to be found in the App Catalog, though we expect that to change soon.  In a recent Twitter conversation with our very own @Mahootzki, Phil McKinney revealed that we'll be hearing more about those HP developed apps sooner than later: "The actual app count is ~500 (my mailbox exploded). We are in the final stage of selecting 'best app' winners. Stay tuned..."

So far, it sounds like it was a successful initiative to drive awareness inside of HP about webOS.  500 apps isn't a trivial number when you consider that the North American catalog only has some 3400 apps with a healthy number of them being "spam" apps.  What we'll see materialize from the depths HP's engineering labs is anyone's guess, but the company is home to a large number of talented engineers. Hopes, they are high.