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Several weeks back we reported on a marketing presentation for the TouchPad that indicated the tablet would include a Music Synergy-type service that would allow users to sync music from their computer, to the cloud, and back down to the tablet, as well as play music from other online services. We haven’t heard anything about that since (except for that presentation cropping up a few more times), but it’s looking like the service – possibly to be named “HP Play” – might not be ready in time for the TouchPad’s July 1st launch. According to Billboard, HP is still in the early stages of discussions with major record labels, with the aim of securing the licensing to set up their own cloud music service for webOS to rival Amazon’s Cloud Music Player, Google’s Music beta, and Apple’s new iCloud and iTunes Match.

Said a major-label executive of HP, “They’re debating doing something like Qriocity for a variety of media, which can be delivered on any HP device. We don’t know how serious they are.” Even with that uncertainty, the industry seems to be cautiously positive on HP’s potential in the space, “They have the [cloud] capabilities. The question is, can they build something that is compelling, cool, and dynamic that will appeal to music consumers.”

To us, that demonstrates much of what’s wrong with the music industry. HP’s plays at a cloud music solution aren’t going to be aimed at music consumers. They’re aimed at consumers looking for smartphone and tablet devices that offer a seamless experience for everything, music included. Obviously, with partnerships like Beats Audio, HP takes music seriously, but they know it’s just one part of a complete package of services.