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HP's senior vice president of consumer applications, Steven McArthur, sat down with PC Mag to talk a it about HP's strategy for getting big name developers on webOS.

We've already heard much of it: more devices, webOS on the PC, easy development for web developers, etc. Here's a new one, though: for certain partners, HP is just going to make the darn apps themselves and give them to their partners:

"What we actually have – better than that – and we have significant scale on this – we have our own studio that is the best developer in the world, we think," McArthur said. "And we develop headline apps and we also demo…we will figure out a really cool use case, and we'll build the app for them, and we'll just give it to them, as a way to seed the environment"

In other words, we might see a situation where if a big name developer like Hulu or Netflix or Shazam or [insert app you've been waiting for here] is still balking at devoting resources towards making a webOS version of their app, HP will offer to straight-up do it for them.

McArthur was quick to point out that HP will not charge for these apps "Because we do not compete with our developers." That last bit is very important and HP needs to tread carefully here - because as important as it is to see more, better, and bigger-name apps on webOS, there's still room for indie developers to work in that space (see, for example, the excellent TripKit TripIt webOS app and FourSquare for webOS).