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On both the HP Germany and HP Canada websites, we have come across a device specification that leads us to believe that more is coming to the TouchPad in the future; Two times more, to be exact. Both websites list a 64GB TouchPad as an option for customers who go to the website for pre-ordering, rather than just the 16GB and 32 GB options that were confirmed by HP to be available on launch day.

This is not necessarily confirmation that a 64GB version of the TouchPad will be available in these countries, nor in any countries, on July 1st, but it could be a note that a 64GB version of the TouchPad will be available sometime in the future. Of course, it could also be that the 64GB was considered by the company to be released, but then later removed, leaving this note as the last remaining mention that such a device would exist (which was later added into these websites by mistake). 

We've discussed this already in last weeks PalmCast, and we've talked about it elsewhere on the site (you've no doubt mentioned it in our forums as well). But let's take another look at what you all think. Would you get a 64GB version of the TouchPad? Or is 32GB large enough with all of the cloud services you can hook into the tablet? Leave your comments below, and we'll keep looking for confirmation that a 64GB version is coming, though we're still not sure it's entirely worth it to buy such a large (and inevitably expensive) device.